The Rouge Maiden - Vintage Jewelry Design
Each one of a kind piece, that I create, is done with great care, passion and love. There is a certain "alchemy" that happens when I am creating my jewelry.  I love history.  Each antique & vintage treasure that I use has a story...a story that dates back over many years.  All of the "magic" of those stories, together with Mother Earth's beautiful gemstones I choose, create a treasure that is lovingly infused with wonderful mystery & delightful energy.  It is my passion to discover treasures, from the past, and give them a new life the present.
My hope is that, when you wear one of my pieces, you will feel everything that I have put into it. I love each piece dearly and have faith that you will enjoy and love them as much as I do! I always strive to create jewels that will bring you great joy upon wearing or gifting them!
Tory Jeen Valach has been creating jewelry since the age of 12.  Upon entering a gift shop in Montana, where she was born & raised, a lovely wire wrapped chain of jewels caught her eye.  She, at that moment, decided to go home & teach herself how to create a jeweled chain.  This was the beginning of a lifetime of passion for jewelry-making & design.
College & modeling came after high school (in New Mexico), then a long career in business management (in the fashion industry), but Tory Jeen never lost her passion for creating beautiful jewelry.  Friends & family often received pieces as gifts.  People began asking about the jewelry she would design & wear which lead to her collections for sale.
A true love and appreciation for all things possessing history eventually inspired Tory Jeen to incorporate antique & vintage treasures into her work.  Most pieces are from the late 1800's through the 1930's.  They are combined with genuine gemstones, vintage glass & precious metals to create one of a kind, signed pieces.  Tory also specializes in Festoon chain necklaces.  Festoon is most commonly used as an architectural term, but can also be applied to design in jewelry.  A Festoon necklace or chain would best be described as~ "Chains suspended in curves between points as decoration".  This unique necklace design drapes the neckline in a beautiful & flattering way.
Tory Jeen is not only known for her vintage fashion jewelry but also  for  creating custom & one of a kind rosaries, for 5 wonderful years,  for the Christ in The Desert Benedictine Monastery in Abiquiu, New Mexico.  These pieces became so popular she incorporated them into her ongoing collections & they are now available in many of the shops & galleries that carry her designs or through custom ordering.
Tory Jeen's designs are sold exclusively in upscale boutiques & galleries around the country & directly through this web site.